Hydro & Power Sector News

Great work by NTPC : captive coal output to nearly treble to 7.25 MTPA in 2018-19 https://t.co/lEM3zjsMJO via @economictimes

कुछ सीखना है #ManoharParrikar से तो आख़िर तक लड़ना सीखिए #RIPManoharParrikar

@anileshmahajan @RajivKumar1 @surjitbhalla @amitabhk87 @ashwani_mahajan @manish__kumar @bibekdebroy @EmergingRoy @Sachin_Chat @IlaPatnaik @sanjeevsanyal Employment related questions are asked to all who are of 15 years or more. This is global practice in line with ILO. People above 15 may choose to say that they are studying and not looking for jobs. Expectedly many do say that. These are not counted as unemployed.

The Karnataka High Court has quashed the state regulator's order imposing 'wheeling and banking' charges retrospectively on solar, wind and hydel projects, much to the developers' relief. https://t.co/I26TXrXEUl https://t.co/4d5xs0EWj4

After a year of stagnation, the Indian #Wind sector is set for a record year in 2019/20 of 8GW of new installs, says Founder of @Suzlon Tulsi Tanti https://t.co/1kjAtIhS2L by M Ramesh

Shahpurkandi dam project to reduce flow of river water to Pakistan: Amarinder Singh - Economic Times https://t.co/VbBm3ROF39 via @GoogleNews

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