• Consulting team has O&M, troubleshooting, Engineering and Execution experience for numerous projects

  • Superior sectoral / subject skills, team composition and dedication level

  • High level of client responsiveness – due to lean structure, project focus

  • Working team is also experienced and has exposure to O&M for small similar projects

  • Competitive price due to low overheads


Following are the guiding principles of our work:

  • Service before profits (“Assist Projects to Success” not “Grab Work”)

  • Provide practical, useful inputs

  • Work as part of the owner’s team and deliver timely ground results

  • Deliver best possible work quality under the given conditions

  • Number of assignments on hand to match resources

[On a case to case basis, we are prepared for one or more of the following: (a) to not take another assignment till the first one stabilises (b) Link small part of payments to performance (c) Open Book Contract to help client save cost.