Consultant’s Folly

Do consultants deliver value to clients for which they are paid ? Can the client rest assured of results if an established agency is selected for doing a specific work ?

Our experience of decades in corporate environment as a client and 6 EPDPL assignments as a consultant suggests that the following are more important to deliver value to the client than brand name or years since the consulting organisation is functioning :

  • Responsiveness to Client (ability to understand project needs)
  • Dedication to work (level and intensity of senior management attention)
  • Team Composition (skill sets appropriate to task on hand)
  • Client’s Scrutiny of Output
Project Flawed Aspect PROJECT CONSULTANT Suggestion/Approach EPDPL Role EPDPL VALUE ADD
Mega Himachal Project (Bid) Plant Capacity 960 MW Bidder's advisor - Detailed PFR Optimized to 840 MW
Punjab - Canal Based Projects (under construction) Project Management Hands off part-time approach , insufficient hydro professionals IE & QC for Civil, H-M and E-M works - Lender’s Advisor
  • Stringent Reviews
  • Insistence for Contractor mobilization
  • Periodic Execution support
Plant Size Flows shown good for 91% plant PLF in Hydrology Study Suggested ~55-60% PLF based on review of hydrology study
< 25 MW Himachal Project (Commissioned) Basic Engineering Weir and Desilting basin design flaws Bidder's Technical Due Diligence Impact included in O&M cost estimation
Plant size 13.5 MW 10-11 MW (based on Hydrology Study)
Power Evacuation None Capex requirement identified due to
  • Transmission Constraints
  • Lack of redundancy
180 MW Himachal Project (Under Construction) Commissioning Dates & Cost to Completion
  • Main proj - Sept’19
  • TL - May ’20
  • Rs.100 cr. lower completion cost
Lenders External Consultant
  • Main proj – Apr ’20
  • TL - Oct ’20
  • Rs.100 cr. higher completion cost